Nov 5, 2008

Search Etsy Challenge 1

I wanted to try something. What could I find on Etsy when I put a random word in the search box? I was going to flip through the dictionary and randomly choose a word with my eyes closed. But finding my dictionary was beginning to be too much of a chore. So, apparently there is this website, that has a "random word generator" which is exactly what I needed. I actually used the Random Word Generator Plus , which lets you choose the type of word and its complexity. I chose a common noun:

searching "thumb" on Etsy turned up a lot to choose from, and some really interesting finds. Here are a few...

Green Thumb hand repair from DressGreen

Thumb War by Imprintsfcp

Fingernail pendant by Sushipot

Scrap Tacks by FoundandMade

Thumb Wrestling note cards by alishagould

Thumbs print by tomatocanstudios

Best Autum Gloves by Morava

I think this time, I got lucky with "thumb". I wonder what the word generator will give
me next time?

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