Nov 24, 2008

Meet Mia

This is my first of, hopefully many to come, artist interviews. To me, it's fascinating to learn about what goes on behind the scenes in the lives of other creative folks.

Meet Mia, of Mia Beads. (flip through the photos above to see her workspace) Aside from being incredibly sweet, and down to earth, Mia has excellent taste in music. In her shop, she offers beautiful vintage inspired jewelry that is feminine and timeless. Mia has earned my respect as a successful and talented jewelry designer who has really found her niche in jewelry. I chose to interview Mia first because she is a great inspiration to jewelry artists and Etsy sellers alike. The reason for her success is apparent when you visit her shop. (scroll down for photos of Mia's jewelry)

Here's Mia in her own words:

Tell a little about yourself. (name, where you are from, etc.)

I was born a Michelle; named after my father, Michael, in French. My little brother gave me the nickname "Mia" when he couldn't say "Michelle" as a kid and it stuck. I was born and raised in Buffalo, NY (yes, where all the snow is) and I continue to live there with my boyfriend, Kevin (who can't stand my creative mess but is very supportive otherwise!) and the cutest toy fox terrier, Sadie.

What do you create? What is your shop? Talk about your work.

I create vintage inspired trinkets & flower adornments. In other words: timeless yet trendy jewelry with designs inspired by nature and the vintage components I come across. I love working with antiqued brass & silver, freshwater pearls, colorful glass and lately I'm loving delicate, feminine jewelry with mixed metals.

Are you able to create full time, or do you have a day job?

I design, make and sell my jewelry full time now... actually MORE than full time but I love every minute of it! Up until this past year I was also working full time for a local bead shop; I'm still helping out at one location for a few hours each Friday as I'd love to someday own or run a brick & mortar of my own. Working at the shop, and interacting with so many talented people, taught me so much and helped me find my own style.

What is your favorite and least favorite part of the work you do?

I love creating and the designing part of the process is definitely my favorite. My least favorite would have to be some of the administrative tasks that come with owning your own business. I need a creative outlet at all times!

What other talent/craft do you wish you could learn.

I'd like to start working with PMC (Precious Metal Clay) and I'm also interested in stamping my own quotes and designs on silver charms to use in my jewelry. Unrelated to jewelry, I'd love to be able to sew more; I used to sew a bit in high school and always enjoyed it.

What celebrity would you want to endorse/wear/use your product?

Carrie! Er... Sarah Jessica Parker. Maybe in the sequel to the "Sex in the City" movie?

Share your favorites of the following. (choose as few or as many of your favorites to answer, It is not necessary to answer all of them)

color: Turquoise (esp w/Chocolate Brown), music: Classic Rock, food: Really, anything unhealthy! haha, movie: Little Miss Sunshine, website: Etsy!, place to vacation: California, time of day: early morning in summer, but I'm really a night owl, tool/material: Anything vintage, brass, chalcedony, freshwater pearls, TV. show: Law & Order, Dexter and Californication, smell: Spiderlily by India Hicks,
band: U2, artist: Tom Petty (and the Heartbreakers!) and Ani Difranco, place to shop: Etsy of course, and Sephora, Etsy shop: AliciaBock Photography, ESDesigns Jewelry & PicturesofLily (I know it's you.... and I'm not just saying that because it's you!), hobby: Paper crafting & Dancing- just about anything creative, possession: not so much material, and I hate to think of her as a posession, but my puppy, Sadie! I love her to death!, fictional character: Hank Moody at the moment,
song: anything Tom Petty, animal: again, my pup.... she's a Toy Fox Terrier, flower: Lily of the valley, game: Catch Phrase, team: Buffalo Sabres!, season: Summer, hands down!, holiday: Christmas

(thanks for humoring me and sharing so many favorites, Mia!)

Here is a peek at what Mia creates:

Learning all about Mia has made me like her even more. I'm so glad to have met her and and grateful that she was generous enough to share a little glimpse of herself with us. Thank you Mia! xo

In July Mia started selling her paper goods in her second shop, Paper Pumpkin. Check it out for fabulous paper creations, magnets, push pins, and other fun stuff.

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