Nov 20, 2008

$2.00 Experiment a Bust

Not so long ago, shops could pretty much count on somewhat consistent sales if they were regularly renewing or listing new items throughout the day. Etsy's not so useful search function coupled with their method of displaying newly listed items first to shoppers made it necessary to renew often in order to be seen. Etsy has grown incredibly in the year I've been there. 19,689 new sellers joined in October, alone. Each month, the numbers increase, resulting in the very crowded place that Etsy has become. Shops selling items in the more congested categories, like jewelry, struggle even more for exposure.

Renewing has become a gamble. As it eats more and more of my profits, I do wonder if it's worth it anymore. I decided to test it out. Normally, I list or renew whenever I have time, trying to spread them throughout the day. To test it today, I decided to renew 10 times. I listed something new or renewed once every hour from 9 - 6, today. Each hour, I tracked my views with the heart-o-matic.

I average around 5 sales a week, while I renew about 3-6 times a day, give or take. So, dedicating a day to listing something every hour, had me pretty confident for sales. When 6:00 was approaching, with 0 sales to speak of, I was a bit discouraged. At 9 am this morning I had 28,546 item views. At the end of the day there were 28,789 views (+243 new views today). I'd like to think that if I continued this test for a week, let's say, that I would see better results than I did today. Of course, if I would have been away for the day, without tracking my views and checking my shop hourly, I probably would have come home to multiple sales. They say a watched pot never boils. Maybe the same is true for our shops.

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