Mar 18, 2010


For my daughter, today was all about wearing green to school and making sure we had time in the morning to paint a clover on her cheek, like I promised.  For my husband and I, today was our wedding anniversary.  A St. Patrick's day wedding wasn't our original plan.

In November of 2000, when we were dating, we took a trip to Kauai.  It was, and always will be the best vacation I ever had.  It was my first time to Hawaii.  I had so much fun snorkeling and taking underwater pictures of the exact fish we had at home in our aquarium.  Everything was perfect - the weather, the lush green everywhere, the water, and the massive avocados!  We stayed in a gorgeous condo with the beach in our backyard.  It was truly, paradise.  One night we took a walk before dinner.   I was talking and I turned to look at Rob, as he pulls out a ring from his pocket and proposed. I was blown away and so caught off guard, that I forgot to say yes (at first).  I wasn't so much surprised that he asked, as I was that he planned it all and had a ring without me ever suspecting a thing.  We were already living together, at the time, and shared everything.  The fact that he managed to pull that off, still amazes me, today.

Once we were back home from our trip, we decided that we were in no hurry and wanted plenty of time to plan our wedding.   We set a date almost 2 years away, which was to be 02/02/02.  We liked the idea of having such a memorable date.  For the next few months I began collecting articles and photos for inspiration and was looking forward to making all the arrangements.   The following January, Rob's parents took us back to Kauai.  Again, it was a fabulous time.  On our flight home, I remembered what time of the month it was and realized I was "late".  On our way home from the airport we stopped to pick up a pregnancy test (actually 2. I wanted to be sure).  Before we even had our suitcases unpacked, we learned I was pregnant.  It was news we weren't expecting, but still, happy news.  After a few days of discussing it, we decided we wanted to get married much sooner.  I was pretty set on avoiding shopping for a maternity wedding dress.  So, the date was moved way up, now 2 months away, on March 17th.  One call to the wedding coordinator at Caesars  , Lake Tahoe, and our wedding was planned.  It was simple and small.  Although it wasn't the wedding I had begun to plan, it turned out to be a perfect memory. I wouldn't change a thing.

{ Happy Anniversary babe }


PoleStar Jewelry - Handcrafted said...

was just catching up on your blog with my RSS. Happy anniversary! What a special day. My husband and I were married under very similar circumstances!

It must be so nice to recall all of those memories.

Also, who know you were such a hottie :D

TheGlassOnion said...

ahh thanks Jen!