Dec 29, 2009

twenty ten

The end of the year always sneaks up on me, much faster than I expect.   I didn't prepare my shop, the way I would have liked, for the holiday shopping rush.  I was busy with other things and couldn't devote enough time to selling.  Luckily, a new year brings new beginnings and a chance to start fresh.  Organization is the word for 2010.  Every aspect of my life will benefit from having a little more order. 

Usually, I wait until after the new year, before I take down the Christmas tree and store all trimmings.  But in an effort to be more organized, I decided to do it now, giving me one less thing to worry about next year.
For Christmas, my husband hooked me up with oodles of new bead storage.  Now all of the loose supplies will have a home.  There will even be plenty of room for beads that I have yet to own.
My next task is to get myself a calendar.  A big one. With lots of space for notes.  and scribbles.  I'm thinking a wall calendar.  a whole year.  and one for my desk.  that will also fit in my bag. 

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TheGlassOnion said...

for some reason the spacing is always off whenever I add the credits under a photo. I can't seem to fix it or avoid it. If anyone knows how or why, please share. cheers. <3

AJ said...

Looove the collage....I actually love the passage of time..I feel I get wiser (even if that is just a feeling unique to me - hehe)...all the best to you in the new decade!oxox