Jul 12, 2009

everything ephemera

Long before my bead and gemstone days, I had an obsession for vintage paper and ephemera. I still enjoy discovering great pieces to add to my collection. I especially love anything with handwriting , Polaroid photos, and pharmacy ephemera.

Ephemera is everywhere. The attics, basements, and garages of relatives are good places to look if your wanting to start or add to a collection. Imagine what treasures must be hidden away in boxes everywhere, that will never see the light of day.

Etsy shops are a great resource for all types of vintage paper and ephemera. Be sure to search both the vintage and supplies categories, as they both contain a plethora of goodies. It's always fun to find kits and bundles that people put together and offer for sale. Often they contain a great variety and can be full of unusual surprises. Ephemera on Etsy is plentiful. Here are some great finds I came across today.

(click for a larger view)


NighBluey said...

For me, paper has such a comforting quality about it. I love to touch it, hear its rustle, feel its weight. Today, we use so much less of it in our everyday lives. That makes it all the more precious for me. I agree with you that there is a wealth of paper on Etsy, you just have to know how and where to search. Thanks for sharing! :)

XauXau said...


I found your blog just browsing around and thought that it would be fun to tag you in my blog. Check my blog and start answering:

Pa pa!!

P.S. - I love vintage. And paper.. Mmm! So natural! :)