May 5, 2009

Color Match

image from HoneyTree

When Etsy released its API, I knew soon, we would begin to see some great applications. Of course, now we are so fortunate to have Heartomatic, Etsy Hacks, and craftopolis, which are all so handy. Also, released was Maker Spot, and Soop See, which give us creative ways to share our wares with the world. Recently announced was Etsy Addict for your iPhone, which lets you navigate your favorite shops and browse Etsy.

I just discovered the latest Etsy toy, that is so much fun. ColorMatch, which allows you to upload any JPEG image and ColorMatch will extract out the color hues and then search Etsy items that match your custom colors and optional keywords. It is absolutely ideal for creating treasuries and fun blog posts. I had so much fun tinkering with ColorMatch.

With HoneyTree's maui county fair print as my inspiration, here is what else I discovered...


26 Olive Street said...

We gave a shout out to your blog in our recent Etsy Storque feature! :)

Staci & Alex @ 26 Olive Street

Anonymous said...

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