Mar 13, 2009

Look How Fabulous They Are!

Some of you know that I offer a free pair of earrings to anyone who sends me a photo of themselves wearing jewelry they got from my shop. Sharon, who was kind enough to share her photo a few weeks back, wanted to thank me for her free pair. She asked me what colors I liked to wear in the winter time. Soon after, I received a package from her with a fabulous scarf she knitted me. It's thick and long and just gorgeous. It goes perfect with my camel color coat I wear when its cold out. I love my scarf so much and was really taken back by her kindness. (thanks again, Sharon!)

take a look...

Now take a look at another fabulous customer who also shared a photo of herself wearing a pair of earrings she got from my shop. Thank you, Cassie. You're gorgeous!

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