Mar 16, 2009


The sound outside my window is absolutely absurd, almost comical. A lovely group of frogs ribbit-ing and croaking their little hearts out. When I say a group, I mean at least 5 different frogs, maybe more. I can tell because each one sounds different, and they answer each other repeatedly. rrrribit- croak brrrrb, rrribit-croak brrrrb...repeat. Then a new pattern starts. My husband built a pond outside my window. Every so often a new gang of frogs moves in and lets us know they've arrived. Their calls could easily drive me bonkers. But, strangely, it's kind of nice. Loud and ridiculous, but nice. How I wish you could hear what I hear.


Scooter Trash said...

These are awesome! I love the frog disection.
I agree, frog croaks are strangely..soothing. Soothing and irritating at the same time. Nice blog!

Katie said...

We have a small lake on our property and we camp right next to the water. In the Spring and Summer, between all the different kinds of frogs, it is LOUD!

TheGlassOnion said...

So you guys know too! It's so loud, I can't help but laugh at the noise.

I want so bad to record the sounds of these frogs to post here. If I find where I put my microphone, I'll do it.