Feb 3, 2009

Stone Soup

I've had a chance to use some of my gemstones, and added a few pieces to the shop. I find that mostly, they are beautiful on their own and look best in a simple design.

I love the color of these Carnelian. I like how they look with the black of the oxidized silver.

Big yellow jade briolette pendants.

And I only have two of these beauties - lemon and smokey Quartz.

more yellow jade mixed with a few Iolite.

I'm not sure I have a favorite stone yet. What's your favorite gemstone?


PoleStar Jewelry said...

Right now, my favorite gemstone is anything in an onion faceted briolette shape.

TheGlassOnion said...

ooh yes! I always look for onion briolettes, myself. They aren't always easy to find, I've found.