Jan 24, 2009

My Latest Obsession

I am not really sure why, but when I started making jewelry, I never considered working with gemstones. Vintage beads were, and still are my favorite material to work with. I think half the obsession with vintage is the hunt and the excitement of when I find a great vintage treasure.

A few weeks ago, I picked up a few Carnelian briolettes, without thinking too much about how I'd use them. When they arrived, I was captivated by the way the felt in my hand. It's hard to explain, but they feel like quality - very smooth and somehow substantial feeling (if that makes sense). I did not have the right size wire, to be able to use them. So, they sat and they still sit. But since then, I've been searching for more stones and finding more ways to use them in my designs. I'm still figuring out which I like best and learning about their quality and prices. But, I must say, I'm officially hooked. Now, I get what the love for gemstones is all about. My favorite part is still the way they feel when I hold them and rub my fingers over them. No glass bead, vintage or otherwise, feels quite like this.

I've listed a few gemstone pieces in my shop. But look for many more to come. Here's a sampling of some of the stones I've picked up recently. Admire their color and sparkle. You'll have to take my word for it how great they feel.


PoleStar Jewelry said...

I completely know what you mean! I feel about gemstones how you feel about vintage beads. They are my favorite material. I can't wait to see what you do with the gemstones, I love your beaded jewelry so much! *le sigh*

gina said...

you DO know what I mean. Your gemstone jewelry is gorgeous!

Katie said...

Looks like I'm not the only one with the eyes wandering away from vintage beads. I love them and have worked with them for years, but originally started with gemstones. My last few purchases have been stones.
I love your shop. I put one of your pieces in a treasury today and followed a link from somewhere to here. :)

TheGlassOnion said...

Katie - I love your shop too! I just read your Jimi Hendrix- Waterfall post on your blog (hes my favorite.) and now I'm off to check out your treasury.
thanks so much.

googler said...