Jan 15, 2009

Procrastination Condensed

I really do have good blogging intentions. I am always convincing myself that tomorrow will be a better day to post. I'm playing catch up today.

First, I have another customer photo to share. (love these!). This is the fabulous Jen from Maine. She's wearing her Plumbs and Silver earrings. How adorable is she?

Thank you Jen. Your surprise earrings are on their way.

Next. A few new items in the shop this week...

Finally, today I just barely caught my self on the front page. ♥ I got a quick screen shot, then went to check my views. When I clicked back to the FP again, it was gone. A closer look, and there I was again. What a lucky lady am I. For some reason, only my first screen shot got uploaded. Maybe the Flickr group will post it later on.

Here is the one that I got. I was an alternate in this treasury. Luckily something sold and I lucked out. Thank you Hint, for the lovely collection.

So there it is. All my good intentions rolled into one. Stay tuned for a jewelry giveaway coming soon.

1 comment:

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