Dec 21, 2008

Dear Santa

I take full advantage of the months before Christmas, by reminding my daughter that Santa doesn't come to the naughty kids houses. Last night at the grocery store, she couldn't keep her hands off everything in reach. One quick reminder that it wasn't too late to give Santa a call and tell him that he needs to double check his list, was all it took. She kept her hands to herself, and was perfectly behaved while we finished shopping. Santa is always good for getting kids to behave. Oh the innocence.

I'm pretty sure I am still on his good list too. In case Santa reads my blog, I thought I'd make it easy for him. Here is my list Santa.

tiny golden honeyed dots necklace by eRosasjewelry Giraffe print by BerkleyIllustrations curl necklace by GemmaFactrix
ruffly blue shirt by larimeloom teabag teaspoon cup and saucer by baileydoesntbark butterfly quicksilver mobile by royalbuffet
illumination print by ara133photography birch in teal clutch by thelaughingmoose bespoke map heart by bombus

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